At Good & Gold, we know that in marketing, you're only as good as your results. That's why we offer our clients full transparency into our processes and outcomes—so that they can have a precise sense of ROI, and can plan their budgets both efficiently and effectively. Below, you'll find a snapshot of some of our recent successes.

Client: Stahl Firepit
Services: Media Planning & Buying, Search Marketing

Good & Gold was approached by Stahl Firepit to work on a 360-degree marketing plan to double sales, boost branding, and establish marketing fundamentals as a platform for growth. In response to those needs, we built a customized paid media program, a strong SEO foundation, and a strategic social media and email marketing approach.

Within one month, we delivered the following successes:

  • Increased email open rate 40% over industry benchmarks

  • 40% increase in social media followers

  • 300% increase in sales

  • 39% increase organic search traffic

Client: Lokai
Services: Media Planning & Buying, Search Marketing

Lokai reached out to Good & Gold to help gain efficiencies with their paid media program and significantly increase their online sales. We approached this project by setting achievable goals, deeply researching Lokai’s industry set, studying their analytics, and carefully adjusting our campaign to maximize results.

Within one month, we delivered the following successes:

  • Increased paid search ROI by 70%

  • Lowered cost per conversion by 10%

  • Increased number of Paid Impressions by 2007%

Client: Oregon Rheumatology
Services: Web Design & Optimization, Branding

New business Oregon Rheumatology approached us with a singular goal: “Make us look really good.” Through our discovery process, we landed at an overall aesthetic that aligned with their initiatives and achieved that goal in the form of a brand-new, search-optimized website and design combined with a company logo and brand identity.

Client: Farm to Fit
Service: Social Marketing

Farm to Fit delivers delicious, local, healthy meals to Oregonians—but they were not telling a compelling story on social media—their goal was to increase followers and engagement. We developed a comprehensive, multi-platform social media strategy that includes beautiful photography, engaging captions, and compelling calls to action. These efforts have resulted in 30% increase in followers, a 420% increase in likes, and a 300% increase in comments.

Client: Big’s Chicken
Service: Web Design & Optimization

Big’s Chicken needed a simple and informative website that reflected the number one priority at their neighborhood restaurant...GREAT FOOD! Good & Gold developed a clean, navigable site that leverages a strong SEO base to maximize organic traffic. Within one month of launch, Big’s saw significant organic search traffic to their website, with an increase from 145 visitors per week at launch to 1,000 per week by the end of the month from Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches.

Client: New Riff Distilling
Service: Search Marketing

Following a complete SEO technical audit, strategy oversight, and site map redesign, New Riff was looking to increase traffic to their website. Within a 60-day period, Good & Gold increased organic search traffic to the website by 25%. We also reduced the number of onsite errors from over two hundred to zero, resulting in higher traffic, better user experience, and increased sales.

Client: Leader Bag Co
Service: E-mail Marketing

Leader Bag Co was aiming to connect with their audience about new product offerings, sales, and to build a conversation around stylish and functional baby products. We developed a sequence of e-mail templates and best practices for sharing visually compelling content while also leveraging customer interaction that resulted in increased sales and brand engagement. This work resulted in an increase in sales from the newsletter by 280% and a 467% increase in click-through rate (CTR).