5 Tips to Create a Great Call to Action

So you’re about to send out an e-mail, maybe launch a new piece of content, or just want to add a button on your site. Here are five great tips on how to ensure success:

1)    Test, test, test! There is lots of good data and research on what generally works and what doesn’t but ultimately your customer base is unique. Feel free to test placement, colors, wording, and design, and do it constantly. You can always improve.

You don’t need to run an imposing amount of multivariate tests; a constant sequence of A/B tests will do fine to start.

Some good options for setting up experiments are Google Experiments or Optimzely. If you’re testing CTAs on unique landing pages Unbounce is worth a look as well.

2)    Place your CTAs in clear locations. Whether it’s a contact button, a newsletter subscription form or a submission button, place your CTAs where people can expect to find them.

For example:

  • The upper right corner of a website is a popular place to put Contact Us or Request a Quote call to actions.
  • People expect newsletter sign-up fields to be near your footer, or in an overlay pop-up.

These rules don’t run hard and fast, but you should consider them in your placement.

Don't be shy or hide your CTAs, people can’t click what they can’t find!

Relatedly, avoid unnecessary or excessive CTAs. You don’t need to remind people to Buy Now eight times in an e-mail.

3)    Make sure that Calls to Action are clear and concise. If somebody is going to get a video, then “Watch the Video” makes more sense than simply “Submit.”

And remember, context counts! The copy around your CTA, on the page, matters as much as the Call to Action itself.

4)    Make them POP! Make sure your CTAs are clearly CTAs. Anything you can do to make them look unique, colorful, or look opposite to your background can only help.

5)    Use buttons, not just text, whenever possible. Relatedly, when you are using text as a CTA, there’s no need to form a sentence like this; “Click here to submit your information” When “submit your information” will do just fine. Your customers know what a hyperlink looks like!

Need help creating, testing, or deploying your perfect CTAs?